How to create return system

how to create  return system

Creating a basic ViewModel in Magento2 is relatively straightforward. To do so, you need to create a module and define the necessary classes.

1. Create a Module file in app/code/[VendorName]/[ModuleName]

2. Create a registration.php in your module and register the module 3. Create a etc/module.xml file with the necessary module configuration

4. Create a view/frontend/layout/[vendor_name]_[module_name]_[controller_name]_[action_name].xml

file to define the layout of the ViewModel

 5. Create aview/frontend/templates/[vendor_name]_[module_name]_[controller_name]_[action_name].phtml file to define the ViewModel's template

6. Create a Controller file for the ViewModel and add an execute() method to the controller

7. Finally, create a ViewModel class with the necessary methods and parameters for the ViewModel To add a transaction system, you will first need to set up the payment gateway. This can be done by setting up the payment method in the Magento Admin through Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods. Once the payment gateway has been set up, you can then create a custom module to handle the transactions. In the custom module, you can create a model to save the details of the transactions and use a controller to process the transactions.

You will also need to create a custom page in the front to allow customers to enter their transaction details and submit the transaction.

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